How To Sneak Into An International Fashion Show

ifsOk, so you’re in Paris. It’s February. You hate art. You hate good food. You hate architecture. You even hate crepes with Nutella. But you have a deep love of either fashion or underfed models (or both). But what you don’t have is an invitation to any of the shows going on during the city’s glamorous Fashion Week. Do you hide in your 2 star Auberge like a defeated outsider and watch them on French Fashion TV? Of course not. You sneak into a show right under their snobby Parisian noses. And I’m going to tell you how. But before you suit up for your mission, you must define your destination. The Audience or Backstage? If you are interested in social status and high fashion, your goal is to get in and watch the show but if you just want to chat to skinny Eastern European models, then screw the clothes, you’re going backstage my friend.

Firstly, you need to suit up. This is fashion, not function. But don’t overdo it, at least not if you’re goal is backstage. You’re going to need to get there 2-3 hours early (that’s when the models, make-up, hair, etc. arrive). I suggest lingering about 20 meters from the back entrance, and cherry picking one of the unassuming models or stylists who have come outside for a cigarette. You give them a light “yes I brought my lighter”, strike up a conversation about esoteric medieval poetry or the latest issue of British Vogue, and then casually walk back in with them past the security guard. Of course this is much easier if you have a friend who’s actually in the show, but a civilized chat with a Bulgarian waif should do the trick. Once you’re in, just mill about not bothering anybody, until it gets crowded enough to blend in. If anyone asks you who you are, you respond with either “I’m Svetlana’s agent”, or “I’m one of the dressers and Herve told me to wait here”, or the old standby “My girlfriend’s in the show” (this last one will work for both men and women… it’s fashion, come on). If you’re unlucky outside and have to approach the security guard on your own, well that’s a tougher climb, but still doable. That’s when I suggest breaking out the business card you got from the model agent outside (yes you had to smoke 10 filthy Gauloises cigarettes but he gave you his card after you lied and told him you owned an ad agency in Vancouver), claiming his identity, and sliding elegantly past the guard with the false purpose that only a fashionista can feign.

The Audience:
The easiest approach is to follow the instructions above, then sneak your way into the audience from behind (ouch). However, if you insist on breaking into the Balenciaga show with dignity eg: through the front door, then you have to prepare. First order of business is getting the costume together. You’re probably thinking something expensive and chic…you’re wrong. Dress horribly. Tight fitting vintage t-shirt with 20-year-old food stains, grey acid-washed jeans that fit terribly. And go heavy on the accessories. Pink shoes, vintage Dior shades, a baseball hat with the mascot of an unknown South American Jai Lai team on it, you know, dress “ironically”. Digital watch. An oversized necklace with a Japanese Manga character on it – In gold. A belt with a stuffed Python for a buckle. This ridiculous garb will confuse the door folks, making them think you’re some underground editor or soon to be celebrity. Now, even though you look ridiculous, pick up your phone and call a friend. Then start barking absurd things into the phone as you walk past the door people. You know, stuff like “Lindsey is such a slut I can’t believe she’s with Stavros… ugh… I’m so glad I’m not in LA right now”, or “I’m going into a show right now I can’t talk but yes I’ll put you on the list” then tell the door people that Russell Simmons is coming can you please add him.

Whether it’s front row or backstage the most important thing to remember whilst busting into a fashion show is that you have to believe your own bullshit. If you are “a photographer and you left your camera inside during the Betsey Johnson show and you need to get back in” then you have to act and feel the desperate indignation that one would feel during such a catwalk catastrophe. Be the lie. Otherwise, you’ll be outside in the February cold stinking of cheap cigarettes and rejection. And you don’t even smoke.

Sheer Lingerie For Sale – Underwear Fashion Show

There are times when women feel that there is a need for them to have a makeover. Some go about this by changing their hairstyle or changing their wardrobe. What most of these people overlook is that they can also do this by changing their lingerie collection. Any clothing item, no matter how small, has a huge impact on a woman’s confidence. What seems to be trivial would still have influence because makeovers are also much about changing their attitude. For instance, changing how a woman carries herself would have weight on her attitude. This can be simply illustrated by having a woman wear an ensemble that she does not like. Even if it is quite comfortable and even if other people don’t seem to mind wearing it, they would feel queasy, irritable and shy away from the crowd. A woman who is about to get married would buy lingerie for the special day and it does not really matter if no one would see it. This is because fashion is much about how a woman feels about herself when she is wearing those specific items.

Knowing how important each piece of clothing is, it would make sense that lingerie should not only be limited to special occasions. A lot would point out that it would be quite impractical considering the cost of designer lingerie pieces. However, with the expected impact it would have on a woman’s overall disposition, it would be worth a try. Women can take advantage of sheer lingerie for sale for adding different sets of lingerie to add to their collection.

They can choose a piece or a set according to the comfort and support it gives them. Most women also choose depending on when they plan to use it. If it is intended for everyday use then it would make sense to stick to those that would have lesser use of ruffles and strings. Mainly, women should base much of the designs according to their fashion lifestyle. For instance, those people who always don tube tops and tube dresses should understandably forget about straps for their lingerie. Just the same, those who always like wearing thin shirts should forget about embellishments such as buttons, fancy jewels and strings as those would be noticeable underneath a shirt. Meanwhile, if the brassiere or corset top is intended to peep from the top, then the more details, the better.

It does not follow that there would be limited options for sheer lingerie for sale. The truth is that there is no such thing as seasons when it comes to lingerie as they can be used all year round. Other clothing items would often be on sale during certain months such as end of the season. Meanwhile, lingerie does not exactly follow trends. Even designer lingerie is quite flimsy so it is all a matter of taking care of the pieces. Sheer lingerie for sale does not necessarily mean that it can only be used a few times and be thrown away. Moreover, it kind of makes sense to use it for a short while and replace it with a new set. It would be a lot of fun for women.

Harrods Dog Fashion Parade

With the increase of pooch popularity every year, both purebreds and designer dogs, it’s not surprising that these friendly dog fashion paradecreatures, and certified man’s best friend, could start hitting up the runway, or fill up huge spaces in department stores. Let’s take the case of Harrods, for example.

Harrods is considered the ultimate store in the United Kingdom. It sells all kinds of high-end products —from apparel, bags, shoes, furniture— anything of a high quality, you’re sure that Harrods will have it.

Not surprisingly, this high-class shop isn’t afraid to conquer the world of pooches. As a matter of fact, it has a Superpet department, where you and your dog can feast your eyes on the toys, clothes, leads, charms, jewellery, furniture, dog beds, tote bags, pet carriers—and the list goes on and on. The management is also set on opening a brand-new department, which will span 11,000 square meters. That’s 4 times the size of the existing pet shop they have. This gives you an idea of how fast-growing the dog fashion and accessories industry is becoming.

How to Shop at Harrods

As expected, though, don’t expect to find anything to be super-affordable. For instance, a fur dog coat can cost you close to £400. Tracksuits from Juicy Couture, as well as some pieces of Swarovski-laden jewelry, can be around £300 or more. Nevertheless, when you’ll only accept the best for your beloved dog, and you’re looking for quality before price pet fashion at Harrods is for you. No matter how pricey the dog coats can be, visitors and Londoners alike continue their shopping frenzy to spoil their little furry friends.

A Treat Down the Runway

Patrons of Harrods and dog lovers can definitely look forward to exclusive fashion galas exclusively for four-legged fur balls. Dressed in their best Harrods-sponsored clothes, these pooches are bent on changing the catwalk into a dog walk.

But what can you expect during the Harrods Dog Fashion Parade?

1. Cocktail parties. Before the start of the canine fashion show, everyone is treated to their fill of champagnes and cheese. Of course, the stars of the show won’t be around just yet as they will be backstage preparing for their dogwalk very soon.

2. Exclusive collection of luxury dog clothes. If you want to catch the latest and the trendiest dog clothing available, be sure not to miss the Harrods fashion show. The dog apparel is composed of designs from Vivienne Westwood and Ralph Lauren. You can also be the first to see the newest styles created by Juicy Couture and Puppia.

3. Doggy bags. Lastly, don’t forget to bring home some fabulous doggie bags all from Harrods. They contain all the most luxurious items for your pooch, including the must-haves of the season.

Versace For H&m To Descend On New York Tonight In Fashion Show Form

Donatella and models all wearing pieces from the H&M line.image.php

Today is Donatella Versace day! Why? Because she’s in New York and she’s putting on a big fashion show of her H&M line tonight at Pier 57 (because it can be seen from Jersey?), which will be known as “Versace for H&M Hall on the Hudson” for this eve only, reports WWD. Tomorrow, of course, will be Victoria’s Secret day, because they’re putting on their big mass market–targeted fashion show at the armory on Lexington. But tonight, Versace and H&M get a chunk of the attention this world reserves for beautiful people and their sexiness, even though the show won’t reach network television. To that end, WWD has decided that everyone is feeling sexy these days, and it may as well be thanks to Versace. The paper reports:

It seems whatever force of nature sways the collective taste has put it in the mood for Versace’s brand of conspicuously sexy glamour, and not just because anything Lady Gaga, who Versace shrewdly offered to outfit in archival looks for two recent videos, touches turns into zeitgeist. Although, that helped. “The reaction to her was amazing,” said Versace. “Everybody was writing on our Web site to ask where they can find this and that.” The runways, too, have been flooded with Versace tributes — this past season at Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana, and last fall in the panther and pin-up prints at Givenchy. “Riccardo Tisci is a friend of mine,” said Versace. “He told me he had every Versace campaign as a poster as a child.”

As complimentary as it is to have one’s creative peers bask in your glow, it’s even better to lure a new audience all together. “I’m always looking at young people,” said Versace. “Girls today love to dress up. They love the Medusa. You see it even if they just buy a belt or sunglasses. They want to look cool and sexy. They don’t want to look ordinary.” Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Olsen come to mind when asked to name a few youthful persons of interest.

Nicki Minaj and Prince are performing at the show tonight, which is set to music mixed by Victor Calderone and includes some audio of Donatella’s voice. The collection hits sales floors on November 19, at which time everyone who buys it can feel sexy together.